CBD: Hack your Workout

CBD: Hack your Workout


We know your workouts are looking different these days. You may not be able to get your workout in at a luxury gym right now. Maybe you’re even wearing the same workout clothes as yesterday (we won’t judge). But this doesn’t mean your workout has to be dreadful; all it needs is a bit of Cannabis.

We know what you’re thinking— your mind is rushing to those lazy stoner stereotypes. What if we told you that Cannabis, in particular the phytocannabinoid (CBD), could actually be a very valuable addition to your workout regime. Here’s the low-down:

It’s excellent as a pre-workout

CBD improves your mood, which means you’ll get that wonderful just-ran-five-miles-and-I-might-die-but-I’ve-also-never-felt-more-alive feeling before you run a single step. That sounds better than any pre-workout drink we’ve ever tried. 

It helps you get laser-focused

It can be hard to focus on working out when there are a million distractions in your home-turned-office-space. CBD can help you find that focus so you can get in the best home workout possible. How? It binds to your serotonin receptors (those little chemicals that have a whole lot to do with happiness), causing more serotonin to flow to your brain. These increased levels will level out your anxiety and allow you to focus. The more focused you are, the better those workout jams sound and the faster you can do those reps… or so we’ve heard. 

It’s good for pain

CBD is often used to treat aches and pains, so it’s ideal for managing recovery pain. How does it do this? Well, it stops your body from absorbing a little compound known as anandamide. Yep — that’s a mouthful. While it might be hard to say three times fast, it’s pretty easy to understand: anandamide helps your body regulate pain. CBD stops you from absorbing anandamide into your body, so it remains in your bloodstream where it can regulate pain more easily. Pretty sweet, right? Imagine how much better leg day would feel if you had a little natural pain relief to help you through those squats.

CBD comes in so many different forms that you are sure to find one to help you amplify your exercise habits. We recommend sea salted caramels for a jolt of energy and stamina before you go for a run, Mello Mind added to your post-recovery smoothie, or a bath bomb or topical option for after you hit that squat PR that your quads are hating you for. 

So put on your best workout outfit, take some mirror selfies for the ‘gram, and add some CBD into your home workout routine. You’ll still sweat like crazy, but at least you’ll be smiling while you’re doing it.

Looking for At home workouts? We listed Boronia‘s Faves.

  1. Elgin McCargo – If you are looking to blast your booty and tone your body do Elgin’s classes on youtube. He has over 20years experience teaching, and knows how to lean your lines. These classes are free, but please donate what you can Venmo @Elgin-McCargo.
  2. Ryan Heffington IG Live – If you are looking for some cathartic dancing where you are encouraged to be free and sing your heart out into a hairbrush take Ryan’s Live classes on Instagram
  3. Variis – brought to you by Equinox. All classes on the IGTV are free right now. During quarantine. 
  4. Sculpt Society by Megan Roup – is offering a free 14 day trial. Take advantage of it while you can.
  5. Rumble Boxing – Want to box out your frustration and sadness. There are multiple shadow boxing videos on IGTV for you to follow.

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