New Year. Same You: Acceptance Hacks

New Year. Same You: Acceptance Hacks

Should we Marie Kondo our mindfulness in 2020?

We are all rather focused at this time of year on our New Year, New Me resolutions. Maybe we should take a Mello moment and ask, does this bring joy? Instead of adding more – additional goals and ideas that are not possible to live up to – why not instead make 2020 the year you Mello your expectations, throw ideas away that do not spark joy, and accept where you are at.

“Accept you must” Baby Yoda’s first words.

Accept you are hooked to social media. So spend more POSITIVE time on Social Media. You will be there anyway. So watch things that make you laugh. Or if you like to stalk hot bodies, do it. You like to watch people fall over, knock yourself out. If cute puppies are your thing, enjoy. When you are on Social Media, absorb the things that make you feel good. 

Accept that you can not achieve an unrealistic goal. Realize one, this is OK and two, very common. You are not alone. Instead set goals you are serious about accomplishing and limit it to max 3. 

Accept you will order seamless, or a sandwich from a deli and perhaps not bring your food to work Every. Single. Day. Instead, just try to eat five healthy meals a week. That’s one meal or snack Mon-Fri. If you are lazy AF, eat a banana from a deli and call it a day. Making one healthy choice is better than not at all. 

Accept that Karen, your annoying inner voice will complain. But when she does, hit that complaint with 2 solutions. Practice “1 Complaint = 2 Solutions” ~ You can only voice your complaint if you also provide two solutions to go with that problem.

Accept fear is constant. It is there. It is always there. Embrace it. Have faith in yourself, your fears are only trying to protect you. Don’t try to ignore them, just have faith. Monica knows, she wore a tee that says “FAITH OVER FEAR” at Daytona ~ and she convinces teens to fly through the air and hit their Pyramid. So, have a little faith you will be fine.

Do a 72hour vice challenge. Accept you will drink, eat sweets, eat pizza, spend money and probably have debt. So do three days without… Try it once a month. Intermittent fasting was 2019, let’s make intermittent saving 2020…

Accept that conflict is inevitable. Practice it, get better at it. Learn to argue, make-up and move on… get it all out. With a partner, sometimes the makeup is worth the argument ~ ahem makeup sex. Learning to successfully argue has been proven to increase intimacy and connection. 

Accept that everyone will have an opinion. Smile and nod more. You don’t have to adapt their views, but you can accept them. Don’t like someone’s view on politics, realize they might not like yours. 

Accept you can not please everyone. And let go of your guilt about that. Simple right?

Be OK with being bored. Most of life is boring. Our lives are pretty repetitive, most of the stuff we do is pretty boring. But, if you accept that, your expectations will be lower allowing you to embrace the JOY. It’s in these moments that great things can manifest. 

You can also counter this by doing something spontaneous or totally new once a week. The act of practicing spontaneity will keep you excited and switch on the creative side of your brain. You don’t need to get crazy. It could be as simple as doing a mundane task with your non-dominant hand. Believe it or not, this will register in our monkey brains as spontaneous. 

Accept your truth and own your voice. Say what you want to say, directly and confidently. We all think kids say the ‘darndest’ things. But in truth, they just own their voice. We love it about them. Be like a child and say what you want with a smile and move on. 

Read The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck, and if you don’t want to do that. Here’s the CliffNotes. Basically, the key to a good life is not giving a fuck about more; it’s giving a fuck about less, giving a fuck about only what is true and immediate and important.

So go, now that you have all the answers to life, go and live your free life. But also accept that you may not do any of these things, and if that doesn’t happen it’s not the end of the world. Are you saving a life? Probably not. So Mello the ‘ef out and accept you are where you are meant to be.

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