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A life more Mello

We believe Cannabinoids are natural, healthy, and useful ~ and we’re
on a mission to nurture healthy, centered, pain~free living for all.
Cannabinoids cultivate chill ~ hello mello 👋🏽

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  • Full spectrum, broad spectrum, & isolate

    we are huge fans of full spectrum

    While full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate are all beneficial for your health, we prefer full spectrum as it contains all the beneficial cannabinoids including THC, CBD, CBG, terpenes and other nutrients. Broad spectrum is the full flower, minus the THC and isolate is CBD only.

  • Understanding ingredients

    cannabinoids come from the flower only, not the seeds

    The labels say: hemp seed oil, cannabis seed oil, and cannabis sativa seed oil.

    What they mean: Although nourishing to your body and skin, seed oils contains zero beneficial cannabinoids, like THC or CBD.

  • Consistency is key

    a daily dose of mello

    Taking consistent, daily doses of CBD maximizes its natural balancing properties and the effectiveness of the body’s endocannabinoid system. Like all cannabinoids, CBD builds up in the body over time and can even stimulate an increase in cannabinoid receptors. Here at mello IQ, we take an oil under our tongue every morning. If we feel a little anxious, experience pain, or have trouble sleeping, we’ll have an edible or vape, as needed.

  • The higher the bioavailability

    the better the mello

    Bioavailability is the percentage of the drug you take that’s actually absorbed into your bloodstream. The truth is, a lot of any drug you take is eliminated before it hits your bloodstream. So, it’s important to understand how much of the CBD you ingest you will feel. We recommend choosing edibles with a high bioavailability. If you’re using CBD oil, take it sublingually, so it can be absorbed by the big veins and membranes under our tongue and absorbed into the bloodstream. It’s all about taking less to feel more.

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the mello way

We’re passionate about helping people live fuller, freer, healthier lives with CBD. That means we’ve done – and do – our research, curating trustworthy, empowering, and engaging content. We value and nurture health, conversation, a sense of humor, and curiosity. Think of us as your personal guides to mello.

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A health-full mello

CBD has significant, life-changing medical benefits. As a proven
anti-inflammatory antioxidant, CBD reduces anxiety, lifts mood,
relieves pain, and improves insulin function.

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