Come Better with a Little Plant's Help.

Mello Bottoms —Plant Based Suppositories Made For Your Pleasure


Research shows that hemp extracts can increase the serum concentration of anandamide. Anandamide is very closely related to the hormone oxytocin, commonly known as the cuddle hormone. This can provide for a deeper emotional connection during intimacy.


Having trouble achieving an orgasm. A recent study conducted on adults showed that hemp extracts can relax your muscles, and improve blood flow. It also opens your nerve receptors increasing the intensity of orgasms.


Feeling anxious being intimate. A study showed that hemp extracts could replace anxiety meds: It has a positive effect on the amygdala (fear center) and hippocampus (memory and emotion) —an effect that was considered comparable to the anxiety medications, ipsapirone, and diazepam.

Why Suppositories?

Suppositories have the highest bioavailability ~94%. The reason doctors don't prescribe all drugs this way is that oral dosing is more convenient, and people are weird about putting things in their bums.

Simply put bioavailability refers to how much hemp extract will be absorbed, how quickly you feel the hemp extract, and how long the Body Bliss lasts.

  1. Almost all of the hemp extract is absorbedA recent study showed that 94% of paracetamol was absorbed when administered rectally, compared to 37% when administered orally. Unlike a capsule, this method bypasses the stomach, intestine, and liver where it will most likely be eliminated.
  2. A suppository is absorbed fast —It immediately enters the bloodstream through the large veins in your bottom. It moves from the bloodstream to the tissues and cells and binds to receptors, and gets to work. There is no waiting for it to make its way through your digestion, it is instant.
  3. These can last up to 24hours as it takes longer for your body to metabolize cannabinoids when combined with a fatty acid, in this case we chose Coconut Oil.


Also knowns as early-onset. Are you tired of waiting for your hemp extract to hit? Now you do not have to!


94% of hemp extract will be used. Isn't it time for you to get what you paid for?


You deserve to feel better, all the time.


Works Great!!!

Just give it about 20 minutes and you are a mello fellow. Works great for pain and with a little anal sex too. Will be ordering more soon. Great company to buy from.

~ Kurt G.

Pain Free Sex

These suppositories work wonders! Made anal sex very tolerable and pain free!

~ Anonymous


After trying for years to relax and enjoy anal sex with hubby I had no luck. Bought these with no real hope it would help. Wow was i wrong! Used them twice and have successfully completed the deed!!! Also, customer service is outstanding. Post office lost my package, they immediately sent another one Express and told me to keep the first one if it shows up.

~ Susanne

Pelvic Floor Relief

Glad they are full spectrum, definitely help my pelvic floor pain.

~ Michael V.


Wow, well that was fun.

~ Anonymous.

Relax your Booty

Works good to relax your anus for sex.

~ Stephen.


Your Questions, Answered.

Seriously. Our team of Cannabinoid Connoisseurs has done the research.

WHY Suppositories?

We think it’s crucial to have open conversations around sexual health. When we say sexual health, we are not just referring to vaginal penetration, anal penetration should also be included in this conversation. Both should be pleasurable, and not painful.

To anyone who has struggled with painful sex— whether from Endo, PMS, or Vulvodynia, or Anal— you know that there is a shame and fear that accompany it. Our founder personally struggled with this for a long time.

So, she created Mello Bottoms— a CBD suppository that relaxes your vaginal and anal muscles, increases blood flow, and heightens pleasure. The reality is that everyone is doing it, we just aren’t talking about it. With Mello, we hope to lead that conversation.

What are they?

They are a full circle sexual health product as they help physically and mentally.

Physically, they relax your vaginal and anal area, and increase blood flow to prepare these for penetrative sex.

And mentally, they clear your mind of anxiety or stress related distractions, allowing you to fully focus on arousal.

How do they work?

The warmth of your body melts the oil and it is absorbed through the large juicy blood vessels in your bottom.

First— They treat the local area where you put them. They relax the surrounding muscles, making it easier for penetration. Allowing the area to open up, increasing blood flow. This in itself allows for a more pleasurable experience.

Secondly— They absorb directly into your systemic circulation (the bloodstream that carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells) And make their way into your ECS. The system of cells responsible for keeping your body balanced and inflammation free. So they also give you the general benefits of taking cannabinoids ~ stress and anxiety reduction, clear mind, pain relief.

Why are suppositories a preferred absorption method?

Because they treat the local area, but also bypass ‘the first pass effect’ and allow cannabinoids to absorb directly into the bloodstream— Two hits in one.

Essentially everything you consume, a capsule, oil or edible has to make its way through your GI tract and into your liver, and then into your bloodstream. This process takes time and along the way your body eliminates a lot of it. It is also unique to every person. Taking a suppository removes these variables. They bypass that step entirely and absorb directly into your bloodstream through the veins in your bottom or vagina. So you get more of the cannabinoids you paid for. And you feel the effect much faster.

They take effect in about 10 minutes— Perfect time for a little foreplay and intimacy before penetration.

But Why Use CBD for intimacy?

Studies have shown that CBD can elevate your mood and decrease inhibition. So, if you have stress or performance anxiety in the bedroom, it can clear your mind and help strengthen your mind body connection allowing you to focus and engage in arousal and orgasms.

Cannabinoids decrease the way we feel inflammation and pain— Studies have proven that CBD inhibits inflammatory and neuropathic pain responses. A lot of causes of uncomfortable sexual experience stem from pain and inflammation, or the stress of having pain. Taking a suppository treats the local area and removes inflammation and pain. You remove that barrier and your body will kick into action, and do what it’s supposed to do— promote muscle relaxation, blood flow and arousal in our sexy areas.

And also anecdotally, you do become a little more sensitive to touch, which increases your orgasmic abilities.

How do they help with PMS? PCOS, Vulvodynia?

Vulva pain, PMS and PCOS all cause awful cramping, and muscle aches and pains. Which comes from inflammation, in most cases if you can treat the local area and remove the inflammation. The pain does decrease. So our suppositories are really beneficial to women experiencing localized pain in their vaginas. There really is no other product I am yet to use that works so effectively at making my lady parts feel better.

Can you use them in your bottom or your vagina? Which one is better?

Ultimately this is a personal preference. I like to think of my vagina as a beautiful machine I want to leave alone, so I take them through my bottom. But it does not matter. Your bottom or your vagina. They both are richly vascularized (ahem veiny) so will absorb the cannabinoids either way.

Is it difficult to use the suppositories?

Frankly it is way easier than you think. Your bottom tends to suck them in, once you are in a comfortable position and have lubed up accordingly, you only need to insert the tip and your bottom takes care of the rest.

Anal Sex Prep, Is there anything I need to do differently?

You should do the usual prep you are comfortable with doing prior to having anal. And then when you are with your partner and ready to play, take one. Think of these as the item you insert just prior to your foreplay. Do it together, enjoy the moment.