Mello Flo ~ CBD Suppositories
Mello Flo ~ CBD Suppositories
Mello Full Spectrum CBD Suppositories
Mello Flo ~ CBD Suppositories
Mello Flo ~ CBD Suppositories
Mello Flo ~ CBD Suppositories
Mello Flo ~ CBD Suppositories

Mello Flo ~ CBD Suppositories

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Scientifically formulated for those who have a cervix —with added magnesium a natural muscle relaxer —these reduce lower body inflammation, relax uterine cramping, relieve pelvic and lower back pain and restore whole hormone health. Supports PMS, Endometriosis, PCOS, Menopause, post-partum and other common concerns caused by hormones.

Feel better in as little as 5mins. CBD enters your bloodstream immediately, through the large veins in your bottom, removing the long digestion delay common to edibles and oils.








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Targeted to Balance Hormones

Hormones are the messengers that allow your mind and body, when balanced, to thrive. As people with periods, our hormones play a huge role in the way we feel every single day. If you take birth control.. ahem most women, experience pregnancy or are breastfeeding, or just exist in our hectic world —your hormones are probably out of balance. And the symptoms, fatigue, awful periods, mood swings, IBS, brain fog, and low libido could be caused by the imbalance of your hormones.  

It’s not easy to tell when your hormones are off, but you can definitely feel it.

A dose of CBD can treat the symptoms of hormone imbalances which present themselves during PMS, endometriosis, after giving birth, or during menopause —It has been proven that CBD can decrease inflammation, help with anxiety, mood swings, and irritability, increase libido, help relax your uterine muscles, and soothe your lower body.

CBD suppositories are a whole-body approach to being a person dealing with periods. A natural hormone balancer.

  1. Wash hands with soap and warm water.
  2. Remove suppository from the fridge and remove wrapper.
  3. Lubrication is key! Apply a water-soluble lubricant to the application area as well as to the tip of the suppository.
  4. Insert in your vagina or your bottom. We personally prefer our booty hole.
  5. Wash your hands thoroughly.
  6. Rest for 5-20 minutes so the suppository can settle in and won’t slip out.
  7. Enjoy the relaxation!

For anal insertion, lie on your side and straighten your lower leg while bending your upper leg toward your stomach. Lift upper buttock, and insert the suppository until it passes the muscular sphincter of the rectum — this is about 1 inch in most adults!

For vaginal insertion, insert the suppository (pointed end first) with your finger as far back as it can go without causing any discomfort.

  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Full Spectrum Cannabis Hemp Extract with CBD
  • Organic Hemp Oil
  • Organic Cocoa Butter
  • Magesium Oil
Mass Total CBD CBD Per Serving

10 Suppositories

750 MG

75MG of CBD from Full Spectrum Hemp


A study showed that CBD could replace antidepressants: CBD and imipramine were given to mice during a forced swimming test. Mice do not like to swim and so, naturally panic. The mice given CBD registered less stressful activity in their hippocampus (the area that controls our emotions) than those given anti-depressants.

This study shows how CBD can increase the serotonin levels in your brain: Serotonin is sometimes called a happy chemical because it contributes to wellbeing and happiness.

This study showed CBD can reduce depression: A study on mice showed that after a seven-day treatment the mice had a decrease in anxiety-like behavior, and registered normalized 5-HT activity. The 5-HT receptor is linked to depression.

Pain and Cramping

This study shows that CBD is effective in the management of difficult to treat pain: This breaks down the clinical trials that led to Sativex, a Cannabinoid drug to be approved in Canada. In particular for the treatment of central and peripheral neuropathic pain (MS), rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer pain.

A second study is here.

This study shows that CBD regulates nerve growth and their receptors: Using clinical trials it was shown that endocannabinoids help regulate nerve growth and their receptors. They can desensitize our nerves, by preventing the nerve receptors from being turned on, so we do not get the message to our brain about the pain.⁠

A second study proving CBD is a powerful analgesic is here.


This study shows that CBD can have Antioxidative and Anti-Inflammatory Properties: It has been proven that your ECS can prevent the body’s inflammatory response when stimulated with additional Phytocannabinoids, like CBD.

Further study is here

This study looked at the Antioxidative and Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Cannabidiol: The research examines clinical trials where CBD has been shown to suppress T-cell-mediated immune responses. In cases where the T-cell response is actually overactive and degenerative to the body. Regulating T-cells response is critical to the regulation and mediation of inflammatory or autoimmune disease response.


The most promising study shows that modulation of the ECS through therapeutic doses of CBD could be the key to real endometriosis treatment. This study shows a link between the systems maintained by the ECS and our body’s endometrial cells. And draws the conclusion that if we regulate our ECS we could actually treat and maybe cure endometriosis.

A second study out of the UK studied the link between our *ECS and endometriosis. The research showed that women without endometriosis had well functioning CB1 and CB2 receptors. But, women with endometriosis had very sluggish ones. Our ECS system needs cannabinoids to keep it functioning effectively. Thus, perhaps daily cannabinoids could help women with endometriosis combat the disorder.



This study shows that CBD can increase secretion of ‘Cuddle hormone’: The research testifies that CBD increases the serum concentration of an endocannabinoid neurotransmitter called anandamide. Anandamide is very closely related to the hormone oxytocin, commonly known as the cuddle hormone. This can provide for a deeper emotional connection during intimacy.

This study shows that CBD can increase your desire for intimacy: Mice were given CBD during social bonding exercises, and it was found that their desire for intimacy was increased, this was from an increased release of anandamide. They were also more inclined to repeat these behaviors afterward. We can draw the conclusion that an increase in anandamide, induced by CBD, increases the pleasure you get from that connection.

Wondering if this is right for you?

We're here to help. Get in touch through "chat with us" or email us directly

Why Choose Suppositories for Dosing?

Suppositories have the highest bioavailability ~94%. The reason doctors don't prescribe all drugs this way is that oral dosing is more convenient, and people are weird about putting things in their bums.

Pure and Potent CBD Suppositories.

Simply put bioavailability refers to how much CBD will be absorbed, how quickly you feel the CBD, and how long the Body Bliss lasts.

  1. Almost all of the CBD is absorbedA recent study showed that 94% of paracetamol was absorbed when administered rectally, compared to 37% when administered orally. Unlike a capsule, this method bypasses the stomach, intestine, and liver where it will most likely be eliminated.
  2. A CBD suppository is absorbed fast —It immediately enters the bloodstream through the large veins in your bottom. It moves from the bloodstream to the tissues and cells and binds to receptors, and gets to work. There is no waiting for it to make its way through your digestion, it is instant.
  3. These can last up to 24hours as it takes longer for your body to metabolize CBD when combined with a fatty acid, in this case we chose Coconut Oil.


Also knowns as early-onset. Are you tired of waiting for your CBD to hit? Now you do not have to!


94% of CBD will be used. Isn't it time for you to get what you paid for?


You deserve to feel better, all the time.


WHY Suppositories?

We think it’s crucial to have open conversations around sexual health. When we say sexual health, we are not just referring to vaginal penetration, anal penetration should also be included in this conversation. Both should be pleasurable, and not painful.

To anyone who has struggled with painful sex— whether from Endo, PMS, or Vulvodynia, or Anal— you know that there is a shame and fear that accompany it. Our founder personally struggled with this for a long time.

So, she created Mello Bottoms— a CBD suppository that relaxes your vaginal and anal muscles, increases blood flow, and heightens pleasure. The reality is that everyone is doing it, we just aren’t talking about it. With Mello, we hope to lead that conversation.

What are they?

They are a full circle sexual health product as they help physically and mentally.

Physically, they relax your vaginal and anal area, and increase blood flow to prepare these for penetrative sex.

And mentally, they clear your mind of anxiety or stress related distractions, allowing you to fully focus on arousal.

How do they work?

The warmth of your body melts the oil and it is absorbed through the large juicy blood vessels in your bottom.

First— They treat the local area where you put them. They relax the surrounding muscles, making it easier for penetration. Allowing the area to open up, increasing blood flow. This in itself allows for a more pleasurable experience.

Secondly— They absorb directly into your systemic circulation (the bloodstream that carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells) And make their way into your ECS. The system of cells responsible for keeping your body balanced and inflammation free. So they also give you the general benefits of taking cannabinoids ~ stress and anxiety reduction, clear mind, pain relief.

Why are suppositories a preferred absorption method?

Because they treat the local area, but also bypass ‘the first pass effect’ and allow cannabinoids to absorb directly into the bloodstream— Two hits in one.

Essentially everything you consume, a capsule, oil or edible has to make its way through your GI tract and into your liver, and then into your bloodstream. This process takes time and along the way your body eliminates a lot of it. It is also unique to every person. Taking a suppository removes these variables. They bypass that step entirely and absorb directly into your bloodstream through the veins in your bottom or vagina. So you get more of the cannabinoids you paid for. And you feel the effect much faster.

They take effect in about 10 minutes— Perfect time for a little foreplay and intimacy before penetration.

How do they help with PMS? PCOS, Vulvodynia?

Vulva pain, PMS and PCOS all cause awful cramping, and muscle aches and pains. Which comes from inflammation, in most cases if you can treat the local area and remove the inflammation. The pain does decrease. So our suppositories are really beneficial to women experiencing localized pain in their vaginas. There really is no other product I am yet to use that works so effectively at making my lady parts feel better.

Can you use them in your bottom or your vagina? Which one is better?

Ultimately this is a personal preference. I like to think of my vagina as a beautiful machine I want to leave alone, so I take them through my bottom. But it does not matter. Your bottom or your vagina. They both are richly vascularized (ahem veiny) so will absorb the cannabinoids either way.

Is it difficult to use the suppositories?

Frankly it is way easier than you think. Your bottom tends to suck them in, once you are in a comfortable position and have lubed up accordingly, you only need to insert the tip and your bottom takes care of the rest.

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