Meet Boronia, Our Founder Hoping to Get You Better at Sex

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Why Mello Daily, The Better Place for Sex and Hormone Health?

After working in the fashion industry in New York for about 10 years, I found myself completely burnt out, so I worked with a doctor who prescribed cannabis to combat my anxiety and stress. This approach, particularly daily dosing with CBD-dominant products, proved wonderfully effective and brought about a constant state of calm for me.

An unexpected and delightful side effect emerged. I noticed that during both solo and partnered sexual experiences, I was more engaged and found the encounters more enjoyable. My orgasms were deeper and lasted longer, and I experienced fewer vulvodynia flare-ups. In fact, I believe myself to be cured. I became more present with myself and my partners, and connected my mind and pleasure spots more effectively, leading me to the revelation that CBD has a remarkably positive impact on sexual pleasure.

While I do appreciate a strong joint for relaxation during a night in, THC-dominant products are not suitable for daily use due to their potential impact on overall well-being and health. Additionally, pairing THC-dominant products with sexual experiences can sometimes lead to heightened anxiety, counteracting the positive aspects of the experience.

And so, Mello Daily was born.

My goal is to emphasize the importance of CBD-dominant products in discussions about harnessing the health benefits of the Cannabis plant, asserting that they play a more crucial role than THC. I am eager to see further research and clinical trials to support these claims, enabling us to engage in these conversations with concrete data. At Mello, we diligently seek relevant research to ensure our customers are informed and confident in our use of this plant, based on its proven benefits. CBD holds a significance comparable to THC, particularly in relation to mental clarity, hormone balance, and sexual health.

Tell Us about Your Experience with Vulvodynia?

During my early twenties, I suffered through vulvodynia —Penetration basically felt like razor blades.

This ongoing pain didn’t just affect partnered sex; It had such a profound negative impact on the way I saw myself as a woman. It changed the way I viewed my body and the way I showed up for myself in intimate moments. Unable to solve the problem that doctors insisted wasn’t a problem at all, I persevered through awful, painful sex. I was silent.

That was over a decade ago, the ordeal fueled my determination to dismantle the shame and stigma associated with what constitutes a 'normal' vagina, the 'correct' way to orgasm, and the limits of our capabilities in the bedroom. I believe in fostering openness, and communication, and delving into the magical details of our needs and desires to achieve orgasm. But also, acknowledging our pain. And that challenges are normal.

So, I created Mello Bottoms— a CBD suppository that can relax your vaginal and anal muscles, it is designed to increase blood flow and allow your body to naturally receive an increased level of pleasure. With Mello, I hope we can mediate open conversations about sexual pleasure and pain. 

But I also challenge practitioners, educators and rule-makers to examine their bias and how this may impact human identity moving forward. Sex is as necessary to human survival as water, sleep and food. The first step is honesty with ourselves, about how as a society we are not where we think we are. We are ashamed and we do hide sexual desires, kinks, and fetishes from our loved ones. I hope to empower people to confidently talk to their partner about their pleasure, and pain. 

The reality is that a lot of people experience pain during sex, but we just aren’t talking about it. With Mello, I hope to lead that conversation.

How Do You take CBD to Get Better at Sex and Hormone Health?

I use Mello Flo about three days before my period, and up to the first day of my flow. It really helps with the pre-menstrual uterine cramping and irritability. Additionally, I've observed positive effects in managing my IBS issues that come up during my period. 

When facing an extended plane trip, I turn to Mello Flo. Taking one in the airport bathroom just before departure removes overall flying anxiety and discomfort associated with traveling in tight, cramped spaces for an extended period.

Mello Flo is also my go-to after an intense workout when my body aches, or when I need some downtime and want to take a bath and check out. 

If I feel like adventuring into some sexy time, I take Mello Bottoms. They really do remarkable things to your lower body, it is a deeper relaxation and really preps you for intense pleasure. Importantly, I maintain a clear head, allowing me to function and be present.

Speed Dating Round...

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