Butt Stuff and Anal: Guide to Pleasure and Comfort

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Also known as: Anal Play, Anal, Bum Fun, Anilingus, Eat Ass, Butt Play, BackDoor, Rim Job, Tossing Salad.

What Counts as Butt Stuff or Anal Play?

Any form of touching, licking, poking, penetrating, and tickling of your bottom, external, and internal that gives you pleasure.

  1. Can be a simple touch of the cheeks and external rim. 
  2. Can be with or without a partner. 
  3. Can, but does not have to end with an orgasm.
  4. Can, but does not only include anal penetration.

What are the Benefits of Butt Stuff or Anal Play?

It can be another form of intimacy you share with your partner. Or another way you can play with yourself. When you orgasm or just get deep into your pleasure zone, your brain releases Oxytocin, the love hormone, and Dopamine, the happy hormone. This is a great natural way to release these healthy hormones.

Why is it Beneficial to Explore Butt Stuff or Anal Play Solo?

You can learn and experiment without shame, fear, or embarrassment. It’s just you. It is important to understand (on your own) your pleasure buttons, and equally important to understand your limitations, so you can stay fast to these in the moment. Advocating for your own pleasure, and limitations is the most intimate thing you can do with your partner, but you need to know what that is first. 

It’s helpful to have some solo exploration around there before you go for it with your partner. Just like your penis or vagina, you probably had a little look/play with it before you asked your partner to do so. Be kind and generous with yourself and just do what feels nice. Start with little tickles or strokes, if you like the feeling keep going. 

Anal Prep: What Should I do to Prepare Myself?

First things first. Is this what YOU want? If so then continue reading. There is zero pressure in the world to do butt stuff. Unless YOU want to. Do you feel confident advocating for your needs and limitations when it comes to Butt Stuff? If so then mentally you are ready.

Start Slow

Start slow! There is no rush here and also no pressure to get it right the first time.

Be Vocal Prior

If you are exploring with a partner, have a thorough conversation prior to getting aroused about what you both expect. Questions to break the ice could be:

  1. What would you like to try? 
  2. What would I like to try? 
  3. Will this even include anal penetration?

Be Vocal During

You should be continually checking in, it can be uncomfortable and awkward, get over it and speak up. Do not make any assumptions, Ask Always. Make sure that both of you are still engaged, still wanting to continue and still enjoying the experience. 

Basics: Take a shower.

A butt is a butt is a butt. So clean yourself. Use soap and water to wash your bottom. And always wash your hands.

Anal Douching: Is it necessary?

Douching is the process of cleaning your anal passge with water before engaging in anal sex. It can help to reduce the risk of fecal matter being present in the rectum and therefore reduce the risk of infection or injury. It can also provide a level of comfort for the Top or Bottom, as there is less chance of a poop mess. 

However, it is important to note that excessive or incorrect douching can cause harm to the delicate tissues in the anus and rectum. It is recommended to use a simple saline solution or a gentle, specially-formulated anal douche product and to avoid douching too frequently or aggressively. 

Douching is not necessary for an enjoyable or orgasm-inducing anal experience. So do not feel pressure to do this. Your body, your choice!

Don’t Cross-Contaminate.

If you have a vulva you have to be really careful not to get any bacteria from your bottom inside your vagina or urethra. This can cause a UTI. Mello Bottoms do have Frankincense in them, which is an antimicrobial, to help with this. But you do need to be aware of this when playing. Make sure to pee afterward and also be careful switching from one to the other. Surface and rim touching is fine, but once you penetrate, you can go vagina to bottom, but not the other way around.

What are the Benefits of Using Toys During Anal Play?

An anal vibrator or any vibrator really is also great. You can take it really slow and use the vibrating head just on the rim in the same way you would experiment around the opening of your vagina, or on the sensitive parts of your penis. 

Experiment with a Butt Plug, which can help open up the area. Leave a small butt plug in your bottom while you and your partner are exploring other areas of your body. Get into foreplay for a while and allow your bottom muscles to relax slowly around the butt plug. When you feel ready you or your partner can remove the butt plug and play further with the area around the opening of your bottom, they can use their mouth and lube, or penetrate you with a few fingers, massaging and opening the area further. Once you feel comfortable and safe move to penetration with a penis or toy. GO VERY SLOW, and continue to communicate. You may not go all the way today. You may only play with the butt plug in, and not take it out until you are done. You may only do the tip of a finger. Do what you feel the safest doing.

Why Are CBD Suppositories Reccomended For Anal Play?

CBD Suppositories are a great tool to help you get started. They are fast-acting and will help relax the rectal muscles, provide natural lubrication, and can increase blood flow to the prostrate gland. 

The prostate gland is located in the rectum and can be a source of pleasure when stimulated. It can be accessed through the anus, which is why prostate massage is often associated with anal play. 

We developed Mello Bottoms for this exact purpose — Each contains 75MG of CBD and are a natural and safer alternative to Poppers. 

Why Use Lube for Butt Stuff or Anal Play?

Anal Play or Butt Stuff needs LUBE LUBE LUBE. 

Spit is not enough! If you do not have lube, invest in it, and start using it. A slippery slide makes for a better ride. Any water-based lube is great. But you can also use Mello Bottoms. They have MCT oil, a natural lube, but also CBD, a great cannabinoid for intimacy. Physically, CBD will relax your bottom, allowing better blood flow and increase sensitivity. And mentally, it will clear your mind of anxiety or stress-related distractions, allowing you to fully focus on arousal.

Anal Can Hurt, What is Normal and Okay?

There can be a discomfort when initially penetrated. It can feel like a quick sting. But it does go away almost immediately, and afterward can feel deeply intimate and extremely enjoyable. Any pain beyond that could be a sign of injury or tearing.

Prolonged pain should never be a normal part of anal sex. Communication and consent between partners is crucial to ensuring a pleasurable and safe experience. If you do experience pain during anal sex, it's important to stop and assess the situation. Pain can be an indication that you need more lubrication, need to slow down, or even stop completely. If pain persists or is severe, it's important to seek medical attention

How Can First-Timers to Anal Feel More Engaged?

Try to recall the first time you played with your vagina or penis, you were probably young and not sure what you were doing. This naivete allowed you to openly engage in the experience judgment-free, with no expectations. Try to approach butt stuff with the same curiosity and kindness. This is brand new and will take some time and practice to fully understand.

Butt Stuff Refresh: Common Definitions

  • Anal: Anal sex or anal intercourse is the insertion and thrusting of a penis into a person’s anus, or anus and rectum, for sexual pleasure.
  • Anilingus: An oral and anal sex act where one person stimulates the anus of another person using their mouth. Rimjob is a common slang term for this sex act.
  • Anus: The external opening of the rectum.
  • Backdoor: A slang term for the anus.
  • Enema: The injection of liquid into the rectum and colon by way of the anus.
  • Butt Plug: An instrument inserted into one’s rectum, usually for sexual pleasure.
  • Spanking: The act of repeatedly slapping a butt with one’s open hand.
  • Rim Job: licking around and in another person’s anus
  • Tossing salad: A slang-term indicating the use of one’s tongue and lips to lick, suck, and penetrate one’s anus for the purposes of sexual stimulation