Guide to Milking and Prostate Stimulation

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Got Milk? Intensify your Orgasms and Pleasure

One intriguing way for individuals with prostates to experience better orgasms is through prostate stimulation, often referred to as milking. This practice involves massaging the prostate, a small muscular gland located a couple of inches inside the rectum. When done correctly, it can lead to intense and hands-free orgasms, often described by those experienced, as some of the most powerful, deep, and full-bodied they have felt. When combined with the benefits of our CBD Suppositories Mello Bottoms, a new dimension of pleasure can be achieved.

💡 Understanding the Prostate

  • Commonly known as the P-spot — the prostate is a small muscular gland located inside the anus, situated between the rectum and the penis.
  • It is surrounded by nerve endings that, when stimulated, can provide an exceptionally pleasurable experience.
  • It plays a crucial role in the production of seminal fluid, contributing to the ejaculatory process, aka the orgasm. 

Who Can Experience Prostate Stimulation?

Unfortunately, not everyone has this spot ready to be stimulated. Only cisgender men and individuals assigned male at birth have prostates. But, everyone can explore and enjoy the pleasures of prostate stimulation. Whether you're the one receiving or giving, the journey to discovering this unique source of pleasure is open to all.

Where is the Prostate?

The prostate is located inside the rectum, you do need to go inside the anus a couple of inches. It feels like a fleshy bulb of tissue on the front wall of the rectal lining. Important to also note that it does not always require direct stimulation, the prostate can also be reached indirectly through the perineum. The perineum is the thinner section of skin beneath the scrotum and the anus opening, gently probing this or stimulating this can also provide deep pleasure.

🍆 Tip for locating the prostate your first time around:

Be turned on, get horny: Engage in a little foreplay and heavy passion play. Being aroused makes the prostate swell, so the more turned on you are before you dig around the easier it will be to locate.

🍑 Mello Bottoms – our CBD-infused suppositories may amplify the sensations of prostate stimulation by promoting muscle relaxation and blood flow.

What does Prostate Stimulation feel like?

When aroused, the prostate swells, and the sensation may vary depending on whether it is stimulated from the outside or inside. Working with a partner or solo, it is important to explore both stimulation spots —inside and outside— so you can understand each unique sensation.

Stimulating the Prostate from the Outside:

This is done through perineum stimulation: You want to feel between the penis shaft and the anus opening for the softer and fleshier skin closer to the anus. You may not be able to actually feel the gland, but touching it will likely cause the sensation of needing to pee. Do not be alarmed this is good, and this tells you that you are in the right spot. Stimulate this with licking, sucking stroking, flicking, or toys. There really is no rule. You want to touch this in a way that brings you enjoyment.

Stimulating the Prostate from the Inside:
From the inside, you want to insert a lubricated finger and feel around for a fleshy bulb of tissue on the front wall of the rectal lining. When we say front wall we mean the wall that is closest to the balls. Some people can find it easier cupping the balls slightly and then inserting the fingers in like a come hither motion. It does feel different from the other tissue in there, and with a bit of patience can be located. When stimulated it will enlarge and be easier to find - feel around for something no larger than a walnut. Again as with external stimulation, there really is no rule. You want to touch this in a way that brings you enjoyment.

For the first-timer or seasoned pro, utilize our CBD Suppository Mello Bottoms in your routine. They provide an added layer of lubrication, and the soothing properties of CBD can enhance the overall experience, even when partaking in external only. 

How long does it take to Orgasm through Prostate Stimulation?

This is completely individual to each person, and each person's knowledge of their own pleasure. Be patient and take your time, solo play could be a better avenue to start if you feel performance pressure with your lover/partner. The potential for a mind-blowing experience exists and is available to you, but you need actual experience, experimentation, and patience to discover what feels best.

What Does Prostate Stimulation Feel Like?

These can be similar to orgasms achieved through penis stimulation but deeper and much more intense. The sensation comes from deep inside the body and so is much more internal, rather than a surface sensation. Some people can have multiple small orgasms, over and over again, some can experience more mind euphoria and intimacy.

😑 Does Prostate Stimulation Hurt?

It does not hurt, however you do need to adjust to anal penetration with fingers or small objects. This can be an unfamilar sensation and one you need to relax into.

💦 Tell me about Ejaculation?
It is important to note that not everybody ejaculates during a prostate orgasm, so this is not a sign to look for as a person giving this pleasure. And also a misconception perpetuated by films. Sometimes ejaculation occurs, but most likely only a small dribble of milky fluid or liquid resembling precum appears. 

Guide to Milking and Prostate Stimulation

Tips for a Positive Prostate Stimulation Experience

For the Receiver:

  • Pee and Poop First: Anal penetration (even with fingers or a small toy) can make you feel like you need to poop. And prostate stimulation can make you think you need to pee. If you have done both these things prior, you will worry less and be able to relax into the sensation rather than panic that an accident may occur. 
  • Take a Shower: And spend a little extra time getting your bottom and balls really clean. An enema is not necessary, but if you prefer to use one do so. 
  • Practise Solo: Use your own fingers or a toy, and allow yourself to get used to the sensation. 

For the Giver:

  • Tidy Your Nails: This we must stress. Please cut and file your nails, the delicate skin inside the anus is very sensitive and an accidental scratch or tear will ruin the experience. 
  • Wash Your Hands: Do this thoroughly, hands carry a tonne of bacteria and the microbiome of the bottom is fragile. 
  • Foreplay: Shower together, and get the receiver aroused. The prostate enlarges the more aroused they are. And the easier it is to locate and stimulate. 
  • Lube the Mood: Use Lube. Period. 
  • Use a Mello Bottoms CBD Suppository: These can help the receiver relax and prep for a more enjoyable experience.

Enhance Your Orgasm with Mello Bottoms CBD Suppositories

CBD suppositories, such as Mello Bottoms, offer a unique and potentially beneficial addition to prostate stimulation. The soothing properties of CBD may enhance relaxation, reduce tension, and promote increased blood flow to the prostate area. This could result in a heightened and more pleasurable experience during prostate stimulation, potentially leading to more intense and satisfying orgasms. 

Additionally, the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of CBD may contribute to reduced discomfort or sensitivity associated with anal play, fostering a more comfortable and enjoyable experience overall. Incorporating CBD suppositories into the prostate stimulation routine may offer a holistic approach to well-being, combining the therapeutic benefits of CBD with the pleasure of intimate exploration.

Prostate Stimulation Techniques to Try

Come hither

This could be easier if you think about also gently cupping the balls with the palm of your hand, or allowing them to rest on your wrist. Insert your lubed finger(s) into the rectum up to about your knuckles, and move your fingers inside in a 'come hither' motion. Allow the tip of your fingers to gently stroke the prostate, stroke upwards towards the belly button, from the inside. Keep stroking, gradually building speed until the pressure builds and the receiver orgasms. 


This is external. Using the pads of your finger(s) gently press the perineum as you would if you were ringing a doorbell, longer and deeper pushes. Alternate the pressure and the intervals between the "rings" to locate what works. You can also use this technique when penetrating the anus with your fingers, but you would push the perineum with the flat pad of your palm. Essentially combining the doorbell and the come hither motions.


Instead of stroking the prostate directly, you massage in circles around it clockwise and counterclockwise in teasing rotations. Never actually making direct contact. Depending on the individual direct stimulation can be too intense so this gentler motion where you circle your way around the entire perimeter of the gland can also work. Alternate the pressure and speed allowing the pleasure to build up.

Simulated vibration with toys

Using a massager, sex toy, or vibrator massage the prostate internally, or massage the perineum externally. Play with the multiple speed, pressure, depth, and pulse settings and find the flow that works. This can be intense, so often is better used when the receiver is closest to orgasm.

This is also very useful when you are exploring your prostate through solo play. Testing the limits of your flexibility can be tricky when you are using your fingers or hand. But using a toy, especially one you can operate from your phone, does allow a deeper pleasure when you are in a more relaxed position. 

lets not forget the penis

If your partner has a penis, they can take the prostate stimulation a little further and penetrate you, the head of the penis will naturally stimulate the prostate, upon entry and stroking allowing you both to reach climax.

What About Milking?

  • Sometimes a milky fluid may come out of the penis when you stimulate the prostate. The liquid resembles milk and so "milking" was coined to refer to the act of stimulating the prostate. 
  • Medically, the fluid is called prostatic fluid, it is ejaculate without sperm. 
  • Once you see the presence of a milky substance come to the tip of the penis, keep going, this is a sign you are close to a prostate orgasm. 
  • Stroking or licking or stimulating the penis in any way whilst simultaneously stimulating the prostate can help get you there faster. 
  • This will get you to a level of pleasure you have not experienced, be patient, and allow your body the time to find its groove. 

Are There Any Medical Benefits to Prostate Stimulation or Milking?

Beyond the pleasure aspect, there are potential health benefits associated with prostate massage. While the evidence is somewhat limited, some suggest it may help improve erectile dysfunction, alleviate painful ejaculation, improve urine flow, and even contribute to managing symptoms of certain prostate conditions.

Guide to Milking and Prostate Stimulation