Guide to Buying CBD

Guide to Buying CBD

The truth is, the way CBD interacts with each person will vary —we are all unique and our body’s biology reacts differently to all substances. But there are things you can do to make your CBD work best for YOU.

Our Guide:

  1. You Need to Take CBD Daily
  2. Learn Your Dosage
  3. Buy products made with CBD oil that is formulated to be Water-Soluble.
  4. Use the Correct Method Of Delivery for You
  5. Check the Quality
  6. Always buy Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum over Isolate CBD


You Need to Take CBD Daily. 

CBD is a cannabinoid, and the body requires cannabinoids to function effectively. Ideally, your body would produce enough cannabinoids to keep your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) powering. But under the stress of life, an injury, or an illness, your body may be depleted.

Much like when you are dehydrated, your body needs to build up the stores of water before you feel or notice any difference. If you take the recommended dose of CBD, only when you need it, you may only be making up for a deficiency. What you need to do is have an excess of cannabinoids to feel the long term bliss effects. Many of the health benefits, like reduced inflammation, and pain or anxiety management, require daily dosing over an extended period.

You need to take CBD regularly to replenish your ECS. Think of CBD as a supplement —not a medication. You need to give yourself (and your ECS) time to grow its store of cannabinoids to allow your ECS to function effectively. 

The good news is, you do not need to take large doses, once your body is balanced you only need to take daily low doses to keep your body topped up.


Learn Your Unique Dosage. 

Start with the recommended dosage, but adjust it according to what you are feeling. Your biology is unique and will need a unique dose of CBD to reach a place of homeostasis. You may need to take more or less than the recommended dosage to feel the health benefits. 

We advise taking the dosage that the manufacturer recommends for 3 days. Keep a journal during this time and note what you feel. If you do not feel the effects after 3 days, slowly increase your dosage, if the effects are too strong, then slowly decrease your dosage. Make sure to note the daily effects and dosage your journal so you can keep on track to finding your unique dose. 

You will know when you have met your unique dosage when you actually don’t feel anything. We know this is counter-intuitive. But CBD should make your body feel balanced. So the ups and downs of anxiety should decrease. The muscle spasms shoulder pain should start to fade. The restless nights should end. You will just start to be Mello. 

If you miss a dose, you may start to feel the body imbalances that show up for you in your body again. If this happens, just increase your daily dose ever so slightly. And you will get back on track.


Buy products made with CBD oil that is formulated to be Water-Soluble.

As the industry grows the technology improves, and science is showing that our body responds better to CBD oil that can be dissolved in water. This is an exciting discovery that will make all edibles so much more effective. Still, it’s slow to catch on, the majority of edibles are still made with regular CBD oil, but where you can choose products made with CBD oil that is formulated to be water-soluble. As a consumer you can take less and feel more, you will feel the effects faster, and you will reduce the amount of CBD your body eliminates.

We considered this when developing our CBD oil and so formulated Mello Mind to be water-soluble. It is still an oil but the oil has been emulsified to dissolve rapidly in water, and so be more effective than a tincture or basic sublingual drop. 


Use the Correct Method Of Delivery for You

CBD can be consumed in various ways, and each way affects your body very differently. Here’s a quick reminder:

Suppository – immediate feeling, lasts about 8hrs.

Vape – immediate feeling, lasts about an hour

Ingestible – delayed feeling, lasts about 8hrs

Topical – delayed feeling, lasts about 8hrs

Ingestibles are CBD Oils, Capsules, Edibles —anything that you need to put in your mouth. We recommend you take an ingestible like a CBD oil for daily dosing. This will replenish your body’s store of cannabinoids to allow your ECS to function effectively. 

For immediate relief, suppositories are where it’s at. They absorb into your bloodstream as fast as intravenous, yet metabolize slowly. So you will feel the effect within ten minutes and it will last for about 8hours. This is fantastic for PMS, endometriosis, athlete recovery, to ease the pain of intercourse (anal and vaginal). But can also help if you have a big presentation at work and are stressed, or hungover from the evening’s revelry. 

Vaping is also great for immediate relief, but it does not last long. For example, if you are using this for sleep, it will put you to sleep, but you will need to take an edible or use a suppository for the effects to remain throughout the evening. So if your need is chronic: pain; inflammation; anxiety you can use a vape when this flares up. But it will not help the long term. 

Topicals are fantastic for anything that lives on the surface of your skin or just below. And really only works for a condition that is caused by inflammation. Think eczema, sunburn, a bug bite, a strained muscle. Topicals do work really well when you place them correctly, at the site of the actual inflammation. But again, for long term use, think daily dosing. So if you have arthritis, you can apply a topical every single day, but if you took a daily CBD oil instead, you would get more value from your CBD


Check the Quality. 

There is A LOT of BS out there. And often from businesses that seem incredibly reputable. Your CBD should be consistently testing. It should be treated with the same scrutiny as any other medicine. But right now it is not regulated, so be cautious when buying.

The number one thing you can do to protect yourself is to ask for Lab Reports. All reputable companies will have tested their products. 

This report should show you the percentage mix of cannabinoids in each product. Example: if their product claims to have 50MG of CBD, their report should show 50MG of CBD in the cannabinoid profile. 

Also, make sure your product is sourced from a grower who values plants rich in pure cannabinoids that have been grown sustainably and without pesticides. It is a plant, after all, so buy it with the same discretion you buy your veggies. 

Quality CBD is not cheap, so if the price seems too good to be true, it most likely is. Check the labels and know your sources. 

At Mello, we publish all Lab Tests Results on the product page. We’ve done the vetting for you —all products are sourced from growers that third party test, have clear labels, and share the ingredient sources in their products.


Always buy Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum over Isolate CBD

In very simple terms, Full Spectrum means the plant in its most natural form. So jammed with cannabinoids (CBD and THC), plus the terpenes, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and fatty acids. Think about it this way, when you eat whole spinach you get all the benefits. When you eat only the Vitamin C that has been extracted from the spinach it comes with health benefits, but you miss out on all the other goodies that come with whole spinach.

Broad Spectrum is Full Spectrum with the THC removed. The benefit of this is that THC can show up on a drug test. So if you struggle with anxiety but also work in an industry where you get regularly drug tested, choose Broad Spectrum CBD. 

Isolate is only CBD. Every other cannabinoid, nutrient, and antioxidant has been thrown away. It will still be effective, as CBD is CBD. But, you will need to take much much more to feel the health benefits.

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