How Much CBD Should You Be Taking?

How Much CBD Should You Be Taking?

There are 2 main choices you need to make to find Your Unique Dose:

Making these choices will help you identify the delivery method you wish to use and the CBD dose that works best for you.

If you just want the DL, head to our quick guide for that pairs Health Concerns to Suggested CBD Treatments.


CBD Delivery Method

Your body responds to CBD differently depending on the method of delivery you choose. When you take CBD, it makes its way to your bloodstream and is absorbed and distributed to your cells. Once your body determines it has metabolized all it can, it is then excreted

You need to consider ONSET, DURATION, and BIOAVAILABILITY when choosing your delivery method of CBD.

ONSET: Depending on the method of delivery, CBD can reach your bloodstream fast, and you feel the effect very quickly, or can reach your bloodstream slowly, delaying the effect. 

DURATION: CBD is metabolized by your body at different speeds depending on the method of delivery. Choosing a CBD that can last in your system for a long time will bless you with the health benefits for longer.

BIOAVAILABILITY: This is the proportion of CBD your body actually absorbs. The bad news is your body actually excretes a lot. During metabolization, your body has infinite ways of determining if a substance is necessary or untrustworthy for you. What the body determines untrustworthy is excreted. In the case of CBD, the method of delivery does impact how much your body eliminates. 

We have created a very handy table that shows these three factors in relation to the delivery method. Once you have considered these three things, you should be able to identify the delivery method you wish to use and the dose that works best for you. 



At Mello, we believe that in order to get the full benefits of Cannabinoids you need to take CBD daily, and we recommend taking 20-40MG of CBD oil every morning. Many of the health benefits, like autoimmune disease, chronic pain management, or generalized anxiety require daily dosing over an extended period to make a real difference. We consider this long-term management. 

However, if you prefer a short-term management plan, then take the standard dose advised by the brand, in the evening on the first day you start to take it. Make note of how this affects you, and taper off or increase based on how you see your symptoms change. 

During your dosing journey, we highly recommend you keep a journal. Before you take your CBD, make a note, and score your symptoms to create a baseline. Then as you begin your therapy, note how your symptoms have increased or decreased daily. This can help you monitor your progress. If you feel that your CBD is not working then increase your dose every day until you feel better.

In many instances, it is worthwhile to combine delivery methods. And most experienced CBD users will do this. For example, if you are having trouble sleeping, and this condition is chronic, then you should consider long-term management with a daily CBD oil. Paired with short-term management of a CBD sleep spray when you need it. Over time, the long-term management plan should start to reset your ECS encouraging your body to reset its sleep pattern and improve your quality of sleep long-term.

Do you have PMS —Long-Term + Short-Term

Do you suffer from anxiety —Long-Term

Do you need muscle recovery —Short-Term

Are you an insomniac —Long-Term + Short Term

Do you have a big meeting and know anxiety will affect your sleep —Short-Term

Are you hungover? —Short-Term





There are no instances of a person overdosing on CBD, ever. And within the medical community, there are currently clinical trials that prescribe large doses of CBD to patients —in some instances 20x the dose that we recommend you take daily.

However, if you are concerned you should chat with a medical professional you trust.

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