Parents and Cannabis

Parents and Cannabis

A parent choosing to consume Cannabis really shouldn’t be treated any different to one that reaches for an afternoon wine. It is unfair that society’s negative attitude to Cannabis consumption forces mums and dads to hide their consumption. Normal life Parenting is HARD!! And adding #socialdistancing restrictions into the mix have made it much more difficult. 

We’ve come to know that the drug enforcement laws around Cannabis ~ since the early 20th century ~ were more about controlling certain populations than drug control. Much of the science behind the War on Drugs has been debunked. The government currently recognizes that Cannabis has medicinal qualities. And cannabinoids from hemp are federally legal. Yet, the negative rhetoric about Cannabis persists today, and as a community we are yet to give those parents who consume Cannabis a pass. 

So, you’re a Cannabis consumer. You have a child. What does that say about you?

Well, it says just that: you’re a Cannabis consumer with a child. That’s it.

Alcohol on the other hand, gets carte blanche. Across Instagram feeds, TV shows, films, and Pinterest searches, Parenting Drinking Culture is widely accepted and appreciated. The “Mommy needs a drink” trope began as a funny way for people to say, “Parenting is HARD, I need to relax.” Society applauds the parent that takes a drink to ease the stress, it is #selfcare. 

Yet, Alcohol is toxic and unlike Cannabis, taking too much of it at once will kill you, too much of it over time can cause disease, it can interact with medications (which can also kill you), it can lead to violent behavior, it’s super addictive, and it impairs your ability to function. 

And that doesn’t even cover hangovers. 

Meanwhile, nobody has ever died from a Cannabis overdose and CBD does nothing but provide relaxation and wellness support for your body. People rarely get addicted to Cannabis products and CBD addiction is unheard of. If you consume too much THC (the intoxicating cannabinoid) you can feel overwhelmed by its effects, which can be scary, but is pretty easy to sleep off. And taking an extra dose of CBD only makes you feel more mello AF. 

So is it fair that #WineMom culture is normalized while parents who use Cannabis products face harsh judgment and scrutiny?

Even if you are pro-cannabis, have you stopped to examine your bias? We must allow parents to explore and determine their healthy version of self care. Between the two, Cannabis is a healthier alternative to alcohol for relaxation, yet carries the stigma. Breaking the stigma is going to take a generation of informed, responsible consumers showing their peers that Cannabis products can easily be enjoyed in a very healthy way.

So parents, let’s get to it. Take your CBD daily, smoke your joint, eat your edible. Whatever works for you. We support you! #ParentsNeedCBD culture, here we come. 

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