Stacking: Nootropics & CBD

Stacking: Nootropics & CBD


Stacking. Silicon Valley loves it. Is It Proven Science Or Another Fad?

Like lemonade and iced tea or loud music and college fraternity houses, some things are just meant to go together. If you’re at least marginally engaged in the things happening across the United States, you’ve likely seen just how popular it is to utilize various types of supplements and that combining them is even being touted as the “next best thing.” 

While it’s important to heed the old adage about consulting your doctor before trying any new regimens, at least when it comes to the things you ingest, we couldn’t help but wonder… does the act of combining cannabinoids, specifically CBD, and nootropics actually offer anything of value or is it as big of an “oops” as Ohio accidentally legalizing marijuana?

Understanding Nootropics

It has the ring of a fancy summertime beverage but nootropics have actually been around for quite some time. Named in 1964 by Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea, it stems from two Greek words: “noos” meaning mind and “tropein” meaning to turn or bend. So far nootropics sound like a super stellar psychoactive substance, but they won’t get you high in the slightest. 

Many people like to utilize them to enhance the brain’s functionality and often note an array of benefits that include increased cognition, a happier mood, longer attention spans, and much more. We’re not just saying that because seemingly everyone in the Bay Area tech world is a fan, although when highly intelligent people adopt a product so quickly, it’s worth noting.

Who, What, Where, When, Why

Asking the 5 W’s will get you far in life, and when it comes to mixing CBD with a nootropic, you should probably ask at least a few of them. Given what we know about nootropics and what they do in your body, it would only make sense to combine them with another powerful substance, right? CBD, or cannabidiol, works with specific receptors in the brain to accomplish a variety of things from anxiety reduction to pain relief. Nootropics also affect one’s brain by either improving oxygen supply, stimulating the nerves, or making more neurochemicals available. 

Although they have a fancy name, nootropics are actually pretty common and you’ve likely come across them already during a regular shopping trip: 

  • L-theanine is found in tea but also comes in the form of a supplement
  • Creatine, a popular bodybuilding powder, fuels brain cells
  • Even coffee, the one thing that many can’t live without, is a nootropic

While the two substances do work in different ways, they’re also quite similar, and when combining nootropics and CBD it’s often referred to as stacking. Depending on your goals for supplementation, you may want to adjust how much you take and when. Mornings are a popular choice as this combo will offer you a bit of extra get up and go, but if you need to be able to focus on a particular project, pretty much any time of day is fine.

Mornings are a popular choice as this combo will offer you a bit of extra get up and go.

The Verdict

We’ll be honest – you may see a major benefit when mixing cannabinoids and nootropics. Your grades could go up, you could get a promotion at work, or you could even win the 2020 election (apparently Barack Obama is a nootropics user). However, there isn’t much in the way of proof to show that stacking really does much of anything. In fact, it might be similar in concept to taking a shower and then following it up with a bubble bath – you’ll certainly feel clean, but essentially you’re getting the same result from both actions.

Our advice? Give it a try and decide for yourself after enjoying one of the more popular blends – many people find that mixing CBD oil along with St. John’s Wort helps to calm anxiety and relieve feelings of depression. You might be out a little bit of money if stacking doesn’t do it for you, but we guarantee that it probably isn’t the worst way to burn a bit of cash.

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