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Experience the ultimate in pleasure and intimacy with our CBD, expertly formulated to enhance sensitivity, reduce pain, and improve relaxation for a more satisfying sex life.


What Our Customers Are Saying


Superior effect

I have used similar products and love the higher dose with Mello. I use this for PMS and it’s the only way I survive!


Amazing and relaxing

Mello Bottoms were exactly what I needed. Created a relaxing feeling and experience. Love them!

Stephen A.

Great so far.

Can’t waitGreat so far. Can’t wait to have more!

Rusty C.

It Works!

My wife suffers from occasional Diverticulitis attacks - the pain can be quite intense, and OTC painkillers (ibuprofen, acetaminophen) take too long to work for her. The Mello Flo worked quickly and really dulled the pain, letting her sleep. Thanks!

Christopher D.


Work great!

Brad N.
Mello Bottoms or Mello Flo?

Which CBD Suppository is Best For You?

Two Types on CBD Suppositories, equally important, each serve a specific purpose. Same but Different. Which one is best for you? We place them side by side to illustrate their differences.
Mello Flo —CBD Suppositories for Hormones

The Relief Suppository

Experience a life where your hormonal concerns are no longer a hindrance. Our product is designed to reduce lower body inflammation, relax uterine cramping, relieve pelvic and lower back pain, and restore whole hormone health.
Mello Bottoms —CBD Suppositories For Better Sex

The Intimacy Suppository

Experience the freedom and relief that comes with using our product, and get back to enjoying a happy, healthy sex life.

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CBD Suppositories are Better

Yes we ask you to put it in there

Suppositories have the highest bioavailability ~94%.The reason doctors don't prescribe all drugs this way is that oral dosing is more convenient, and people are weird about putting things in their bums.

Simply put: Fast Onset. Longer Bliss.

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Bioavailability: The Science behind CBD Absorption

Bioavailability is crucial in determining the efficiency of CBD products as it determines the amount & speed of CBD absorbed. We'll explore the pros and cons of CBD suppositories, vaping, topicals, sublingual oils, and edibles, in terms of absorption, duration, and elimination.


CBD Not Working: Why and How to Fix That

Are you frustrated that CBD hasn't provided the relief you were expecting? We explore some of the most common reasons why CBD may not be working for you, such as dosing, quality of the product, and individual differences in biology. And provide practical tips to optimize your CBD.


How to Take CBD: Dosage and Delivery

Discover how to take CBD in an effective way. What is the right dosage for you? What is the right method to use—edibles, suppositories, vapes, oils, or topicals? Unlock the full potential of CBD by learning how to use it in the right way for your pain, sleep, anxiety, PMS, mood, or sexual function.


How to Buy Effective CBD: Avoid the BS

Is your CBD not working? Are you looking to maximize the benefits of CBD? Our guide offers tips for buying high-quality CBD products that deliver results. Discover how to make informed decisions when purchasing CBD and get the most out of your experience.

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